Marketing with Meaning

Marketing with Meaning with Pete Steege Are you struggling to determine the optimal marketing approach for your B2B tech company? Join Kurt Schmidt and Pete Steege as they cultivate meaningful relationships with prospects and […]

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“I want people to think about like what are they passionate about in the work that they do and how are they going to share that… with other people in a way that hasn\’t been done before because if they can do that then they\’re going to break through the noise.”

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“Once I start to understand you better as a whole person and I start to say, okay, what are your goals and aspirations and pain points at what keeps you up at night? And how can I help you sleep and how can I help you? Achieve those goals. How can I remove the obstacles from your life you start to get into human empowerment stuff and you start to get into the domains that\’s social innovators and entrepreneurs do.”

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“I think that\’s the biggest thing people want to be heard. And so if you make them feel like whatever they\’re saying you\’re hearing and thinking about and you know, whether or not that\’s going to be it be able to be implemented just the fact that they\’re being heard. I think is valuable, and that goes across from clients or coworkers or friends or whomever.”

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