I am from the future. 🔮

I've experienced the frustration of making mistakes but also learned that those mistakes can be valuable lessons. With my guidance, you can learn from my experiences and avoid those same missteps. Together, we can work towards achieving success.

My Story

Hey there, I’m Kurt. My journey began at age 20 when I defied the odds to become one of the world’s top BMX freestyle bike riders and launched my own bike company. Fueled by my passion for biking and an entrepreneurial spirit, I embraced every challenge and soared to new heights as a professional athlete.

After I retired as a professional rider, I worked for a number of agencies designing and building websites and software.

In 2010, life took an exciting turn when The Nerdery recognized my potential and invited me to join their Development Department. With hard work and determination, I quickly became the Director of Project Management. I had the privilege of blazing new trails, establishing their first PMO, and leading an extraordinary team of over 50 Project and Program Managers to help them unlock their full potential.

Today, I stand proud as the President of Foundry, a digital product and experience agency that strives to inspire and innovate. My passion for growth and learning led me to create “The Schmidt List,” a weekly podcast where I engage with industry leaders to discuss modern management techniques, design thinking, and cutting-edge technology in our ever-evolving, agile world.

My story proves that anything is possible with unwavering passion, determination, and willingness to embrace change. Join me on this thrilling adventure as we explore the limitless potential of digital innovation and inspire each other to reach for the stars.

"There are two kinds of people in the world. People who have a coach and people who don't know they need a coach."

Bill R. Schmidt

Need a Speaker for Your Upcoming Event?

I have had the privilege of speaking over 100+ events, covering various topics, including sales, networking, team building, and entrepreneurship. Whether it’s a national conference or a simple coffee meetup, I would be delighted to participate in your upcoming event.