Marketing with Meaning

Are you struggling to determine the optimal marketing approach for your B2B tech company?

Join Kurt Schmidt and Pete Steege as they cultivate meaningful relationships with prospects and clients. Discover invaluable insights on understanding and implementing effective marketing strategies, emphasizing the importance of purposeful interactions.

Uncover the secrets to developing a strategic and purpose-driven marketing approach that profoundly resonates with your target audience and fuels business growth.

In this episode, gain exclusive access to the formulation of compelling narratives that align with your company culture, highlight the value of existing clients, and help create enduring and distinctive content. Don’t miss out on practical advice from two industry experts!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Marketing is about creating and building relationships with prospects and clients.
  • A clear purpose and reason for interaction is essential in marketing.
  • Understanding why a company exists and who their target audience is crucial.
  • Marketing requires a strategic and purpose-driven approach.
  • The B2B tech industry faces unique challenges in marketing.
  • Meaningful relationships are built through understanding and solving customer problems.
  • Marketing is not just about numbers and tactics but about creating value and meaning.
  • Marketing strategies should focus on the upfront work of defining purpose and audience.
  • Many companies overlook the importance of meaning in their marketing efforts.
  • Effective marketing requires leadership and a clear vision.