Product Management

Agile is a popular process for helping teams operate efficiently and quickly. As time has passed, though, something needs to be fixed in implementing this process. This episode exposes where we went wrong and […]

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“I really enjoy learning and I like to bring people together and so a lot of those things there\’s kind of these elements of relationship-building. I\’m really getting things done is about relationship building and making sure that you\’ve got the right smart people working together to get things done. You can sort of outline the best project plan and outline this great vision and do your best to motivate to deadlines but really it\’s the power of every single one of the people on that project plan that makes the project successful.”

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“In product work, we\’re not managing it to end on time on budget meeting all the requirements… we\’re instead managing it to last to endure. That\’s how I think of the difference between a project and a product. You manage a project to end… you manage a product to endure.”

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“You have to be really sold on this thing you\’re going to do because it\’s going to take every bit of grit and chutzpah you\’ve got and you cannot look for tremendous amounts of outside reassurance all the time. So it\’s going to be really really need to know that you want to do this.”

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