In this episode of the Schmidt List, host Kurt Schmidt engages in an in-depth conversation with Curt Schwab, President of Catalyte, a company with a unique approach to talent acquisition and development using artificial intelligence (AI).

Catalyte developed an AI-based large language model that identifies individuals with patterns analogous to high technology aptitudes, inviting them to take aptitude tests. Upon successful completion, the company pays and trains them for various technology roles, from IT support to data science, before placing them with client organizations. This approach fills the talent gap and significantly impacts people’s lives by providing opportunities for career growth, particularly for those coming from diverse backgrounds and non-traditional career paths.

Curt and Kurt delve into the AI training process, emphasizing the crucial role of data in AI and the continual refinement based on the performance of individuals identified with technology aptitude. The outreach to potential candidates is a manual process, utilizing existing PR, data, and press about Catalyte to build trust with candidates. Additionally, the podcast episode highlights the symbiotic relationship between Catalyte’s AI talent acquisition, training, and placement services, demonstrating a comprehensive approach that benefits both apprentices and client organizations.

Moreover, Curt emphasizes the focus on specific technology areas such as data, cloud, and cyber, where talent gaps exist, aligning with market needs and increasing the company’s relevance in the IT services industry. This focus is a strategic differentiator for Catalyte, enabling them to offer a distinct service that integrates apprentices into client technology teams, providing cost savings and continuity through talent conversion.
Ultimately, the episode presents Catalyte’s innovative and socially impactful approach to talent sourcing, training, and placement while providing insights into the evolving IT services industry. 

As a result, the discussion sheds light on the significance of Catalyte’s approach and its alignment with the growing demand for technology talent and streamlined IT services delivery.

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