Do you feel like networking is just a business card exchange game? Get ready to rethink your approach with this week’s enlightening Schmidt List episode featuring the incredible Susan Rylance!

🔗 Episode Highlights:

Beyond Business Cards: Dive deep with Susan and Kurt as they dissect the conventional misnomers around networking. Discover how genuine connections outshine mere business transactions and learn how to transform your networking into meaningful events.- **Values in Action:

Susan shares her intentional networking strategy, which is aligned with her core company values — supporting women-owned organizations and ESOPs. Kurt underscores the vital importance of aligning actions with values, especially regarding empowerment, diversity, and inclusivity.- 

From Interaction to Impact:

Learn how Susan’s approach to meeting new people and nurturing relationships led to creating the successful “Women in Wine” group — a testament to the strength of focused networking based on shared interests and values.- 

Masterful Event Planning:** Take a page from Susan’s playbook on organizing panel events that resonate with authenticity and purpose. Plus, find out how turning a profit from these events into charitable donations can amplify attendance and impact.- 

Empowering Women in Tech:

You will gain practical advice on navigating networking events in male-dominated industries, making them more accessible and comfortable for women, and leveraging male allies for support.

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