“We get the title and that makes us a leader and so now we can be a leader forever. But we\’re not really done because every situation is different what we\’re going to deal with is different. So that\’s why I talk about leaders are learners it\’s because you constantly have to be learning from other people.”

“My kind of mode is to create allies in people, you know in the department\’s I go into who were the allies we\’re going to take this on. It\’s going to become there like kind of motivating charge and then they\’re going to go and want to motivate other people.”

“You have a personal brand. Every human does. The choice isn\’t do I have a brand or not. That\’s not a choice. It’s like deciding whether or not to obey gravity. What you do have a choice then is how you show up in the world. That\’s the choice.”

Jeff Lash, Vice President of Product Management Research and Advisory Services for SiriusDecisions joins me to discuss the role of the Product Manager and why there is not as much clarity around the job …

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As Founder and CEO of Upsie, Clarence Bethea joins me to talk about how essential it is to not only have a trusted mentor but to become one yourself.