“Gone are the days were a manager simply just dictates what is to be done and then sets the rank-and-file to the tasks of the day. I think today to really connect to the to the individuals, you need to not only motivate their minds but also connect to their hearts.”

“If you can run a project you can run a Company. It\’s just a larger scale, right? So start small.”

“Some people are forward right? They\’re going to go for it and some people want to go for it, but they just… they can\’t for whatever reason it makes him nervous or what not. Okay? That\’s fine. Because both of those individuals still need a body of work to present to somebody if they want a promotion.”

“I\’ve always thought that it would be a great lot of times when bosses will introduce somebody was working for them. They\’ll say well so and so works for me. The next steps in that evolution would be… better to say while we work together. So not really create that distance. And then if you really can sort of check your ego at the door and be humble and vulnerable say well this is so and so and I really work for them.”

Kate Agnew joins me to talk about the state of education in technology and shares her experiences of going to school at M.I.T., working at Target and DreamWorks, building Girls in Tech in Minneapolis, and …

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