“The more that we can continue to get the story out across the Enterprise the more that we can connect with the business and have them coming to us with ideas candidly. That\’s a great problem for us to solve.”

“The question is so much more now. Why do you want to do something? Then how do you get it to do it?

And when you get into that higher-level where you\’re going to standing on the shoulders of technical giants in terms of your not starting at this bare-metal level of I need to build something that has never been done before?

In microcosm the experience in the empathy that you can bring to the users and the stakeholders. Becomes so much more important than the raw technical acumen.”

“If you can run a project you can run a Company. It\’s just a larger scale, right? So start small.”

The MN Headhunter himself, Paul DeBettignies joins me on the show to talk about the state technical recruiting, education and the job market in Minnesota.

This episode Anne Steiner joins me to talk about why being wrong can sometimes be right and how to influence without authority. Check out more about Anne at