“I think those people that are sort of a little entrenched in the way things have been done within an organization that are not going to respond well to you just trying to bowl them over. What they\’re going to respond well to his like showing them some respect and showing them that you\’re going to bring them along for the ride.”

“If you can run a project you can run a Company. It\’s just a larger scale, right? So start small.”

“There\’s what\’s hot right now. What was hot yesterday with the kids are now into and how that strictly up into older age groups (mainly to confuse them I\’m sure) but everything is moving. So the moment you\’ve done something. You\’re in grave danger of having missed something unless you\’re constantly paying attention.”

Elaine Chao, Product Manager for Adobe XD and Andy Vitale, UX Design Director for Polaris Industries join me to discuss what good design means to them.