Design Thinking

“Once I start to understand you better as a whole person and I start to say, okay, what are your goals and aspirations and pain points at what keeps you up at night? And how can I help you sleep and how can I help you? Achieve those goals. How can I remove the obstacles from your life you start to get into human empowerment stuff and you start to get into the domains that\’s social innovators and entrepreneurs do.”

“The more that we can continue to get the story out across the Enterprise the more that we can connect with the business and have them coming to us with ideas candidly. That\’s a great problem for us to solve.”

“The struggle that I see is not so much the VP saying… I\’m going to lose half my people. But the VP saying or thinking… I don\’t know how to lead my people in this new way. I don\’t know how to reward failure.”