“As you build your team being intentional about you know, how are you building people around you that not necessarily just look like you and think like you but then may challenge some of the ways that you think as well too create a more inclusive space for your growth of your company.”

“I\’ve always thought that it would be a great lot of times when bosses will introduce somebody was working for them. They\’ll say well so and so works for me. The next steps in that evolution would be… better to say while we work together. So not really create that distance. And then if you really can sort of check your ego at the door and be humble and vulnerable say well this is so and so and I really work for them.”

Anthony Ticknor, Vice President of Technology at Riley Hayes Advertising joins me to talk about how to build, grow and manage a development team.

On today\’s show, I talk to Scott Propp about how your sales team can be innovators, how to best manage rockstars, the real difference between a \”boss\” and a \”leader\”, and why leadership is …

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