“As you build your team being intentional about you know, how are you building people around you that not necessarily just look like you and think like you but then may challenge some of the ways that you think as well too create a more inclusive space for your growth of your company.”

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“My kind of mode is to create allies in people, you know in the department\’s I go into who were the allies we\’re going to take this on. It\’s going to become there like kind of motivating charge and then they\’re going to go and want to motivate other people.”

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“I think that\’s the biggest thing people want to be heard. And so if you make them feel like whatever they\’re saying you\’re hearing and thinking about and you know, whether or not that\’s going to be it be able to be implemented just the fact that they\’re being heard. I think is valuable, and that goes across from clients or coworkers or friends or whomever.”

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“I\’ve always thought that it would be a great lot of times when bosses will introduce somebody was working for them. They\’ll say well so and so works for me. The next steps in that evolution would be… better to say while we work together. So not really create that distance. And then if you really can sort of check your ego at the door and be humble and vulnerable say well this is so and so and I really work for them.”

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“Once you get up at a certain point in the organization people assume, you\’re like you got it, right like no one is going to tell you to go out and grow and develop and learn and stretch yourself. When your a VP sorry to say once you get to certain level people stop caring about your about your personal development. So that\’s the point at which I have to care about it.”

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