Ready to boost your business with podcasting? Tune into our latest Schmidt List episode featuring Matt DeWolf, founder of MK Quinn Media, as we explore the impactful world of podcasting.

Highlights from Our Conversation:

1. Automated Transcription
Automation has simplified podcast content production. Discover how it can streamline your workflow.

2. Podcasting as a Core Strategy
Learn how podcasts can be the cornerstone of your content strategy, generating various forms of content from a single source.

3. The Necessity of Consistency
Consistency is key. We discuss strategies for planning ahead and maintaining an effective editorial calendar.

4. Scaling Your Podcast
From equipment choices to operational tips, find out how to efficiently manage your podcast’s growth.

5. Human Touch in Content
Being authentic can break the seriousness barrier in B2B spaces. Relax and connect personally with your audience.

6. Monetization Opportunities
Podcasting can open new revenue streams through sponsorships and build industry authority.

7. Insights from Streamers
Learn how to adapt techniques from the streaming world, with companies like Elgato offering equipment ideal for beginners.

8. Discovering Purpose
I share my journey of finding my podcast’s purpose and the unexpected opportunities it unlocked.

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