🚀 Excited to share the latest episode of Schmidt List featuring the incredible Anais Wittrock-Roske! 📈 From her inspiring journey from nursing to UX design, the episode is packed with insights and inspiration for anyone looking to make a significant career transition.

📌 Key Takeaways:
  • Embrace Career Shifts with Courage: Anais shares her journey from nursing to UX design, highlighting the importance of betting on yourself and diving in fully to new career paths.

  • The Power of Storytelling in Design: Successful UX work isn’t just about the technical skills—it’s about being a compelling storyteller who can rally diverse teams behind a shared vision.
  • Balancing Fundamentals and Innovation: Staying grounded in the basics while keeping an eye on emerging technologies can lead to more thoughtful and impactful design solutions.
Anais also talks about the valuable work done by UXP Minnesota, a fantastic resource for anyone in the UX field looking to grow and connect with like-minded professionals. 🌟

🔗 Tune in to the full episode to get inspired and learn how to drive your career forward with purpose and creativity. And don’t forget to check out UXP Minnesota (uxpamn.org) if you’re interested in leveling up your UX game.

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