Ready to transform your strategic planning approach? Tune into the newest Schmidt List episode, where our host, Kurt Schmidt, talks with Carl J. Cox, CEO of 40Strategy and strategic planning maestro.

πŸ” Episode Insights:
Discover the power behind the “Captain Strategy Method,” distilled from Carl’s extensive research and practical business insights. This episode is more than just a discussion; it’s a masterclass that uncovers the seven crucial principles that will redefine how you view business strategy.

🎯 Focused Execution:
Struggling with multitasking mayhem? Carl details how a significant company managed to streamline their hefty portfolio of 600 projects by finally mastering the art of focusing on one thing at a time, with some inspiration from “The Four Disciplines of Execution.”

πŸ’‘ Sales Hire Impact & Strategic Sprints:
Learn how the incremental value of new sales hires can shape your business’s future and why strategic initiatives should always be considered in your weekly planning. Carl’s innovative sprint methodology and regular check-ins could be your ticket to sidestepping those dreaded blockers that stall strategic success.

πŸ‘₯ Get Connected with Carl J. Cox:
Are you eager to absorb more wisdom from Carl? Follow his Measures podcast, get your hands on his latest book, or connect via LinkedIn, Twitter, and, where you’ll find a weekly dose of insight on his blog, refreshed every Saturday.

πŸ› οΈ Managing Resistance to Change:
Resistance in business can be challenging, but Kurt and Carl dive into the essentials of embracing change and setting those stretch goals your team needs to excel beyond the conventional norms.

πŸ“Š Measure What Matters:
Kurt and Carl underscore the significance of leading indicators β€” why actions you control should be your compass, not just the outcomes. Amazon’s strategic playbook serves as a prime example here.

Remember, strategic planning is not set in stone; it’s a dynamic hypothesis that needs to pivot and adjust as you learn and grow. Carl emphasizes this adaptable mindset throughout the episode, ensuring you walk away with practical strategies to apply in your business endeavors.

🎯 Your Takeaway:
Whether you’re grappling with the complexities of management or simply trying to align your team’s goals, this episode is packed with invaluable guidance. Discover why tackling too many initiatives can be counterproductive and how defining the “how” of your strategy is just as critical as knowing the “what.”

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