In a captivating episode, hosts Kurt Schmidt and Katharine Kelly discuss the transformative power of understanding consumer insights for business strategy and sales success.

The hosts dive into the birth of Katharine’s business, Inquisitive, in the wake of the pandemic’s onset in 2021. Focusing on qualitative over quantitative research, Inquisitive aims to decode the reasons behind customer behavior to enrich businesses with a more profound understanding.

They highlight the pitfalls companies face when they neglect the dynamic needs of their customer base. Particularly vulnerable are growing companies that may lose touch with their market without thorough research, often relying on outdated or superficial data. The intersection of sales and consumer research is crucial. Katharine underscores that while salespeople are essential custodians of customer relationships, they must work with research teams to generate nuanced insights while being mindful of inherent biases. The episode reveals the significance of continuously gathering diverse customer feedback to fuel innovation and maintain trust. 

The hosts advocate for curiosity-driven enterprises prioritizing customers’ evolving perceptions as the key to remaining agile and thriving in a competitive market.
In closing, both Kurt and Katharine reflect positively on how the pandemic has altered their approaches to business, viewing these shifts as openings to capture human behavioral insights more effectively. Katharine shares her contact details for listeners interested in Inquisitive Insights. 

This episode highlights the indispensability of connecting with customers on a deeper level. It is an instructional guide for those seeking to integrate these insights into their corporate culture for enhanced decision-making and business growth. 

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