In this inspiring episode of “Schmidt List,” host Kurt Schmidt welcomes Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal, a distinguished expert on resilience with a background at esteemed organizations like Cigna and Nike.

Their conversation revolves around the theme of resilience, with Dr. Taryn debunking the idea that time alone heals, and emphasizing active engagement in our healing processes.

Dr. Taryn introduces the novel concept of “cilliance,” which signifies discovering our inherent strengths to navigate life’s adversities. The episode challenges the misconception that resilience is an external acquisition, advocating instead that it’s an innate trait we can cultivate, particularly by embracing vulnerability.

Highlighting “real-time resilience,” Dr. Taryn discusses the ability to access resilience in the present, not only in hindsight. She suggests that resilience broadens our self-belief, encouraging individuals, especially women, to ambitiously pursue opportunities despite self-doubt.

Addressing “fake” against authentic resilience, Dr. Taryn criticizes the “fake it till you make it” approach, promoting a life vision backed by actionable steps. Resilience is metaphorically described as a muscle powered by our dreams, which we need to actively develop.

The power of words and expressions, such as how a smile can influence our sense of happiness, is also covered, underscoring the significant impact our language choices have on our psychological states.

The duo discusses professional resilience, with Dr. Taryn advising on the importance of establishing boundaries in toxic work environments. A personal story of her handling a stressful parenting moment exemplifies resilience in action, as she decides to respond with composure rather than react with stress, influencing her son’s experiences positively.

Dr. Taryn clarifies that resilience is not about imperviousness but entails evolving through adversities by learning and integrating the experiences they grant us. Resilience encompasses a gamut of emotions, and effectively managing these emotions is key.

Resilience, as per Dr. Taryn, is intrinsic to humanity, a process involving the adoption of skills and practices. Despite personal challenges, including facing a stalker and living with undiagnosed dyslexia, she asserts resilience as a cornerstone for success in life and leadership.

In conclusion, Dr. Taryn points listeners to her resources, like her book “The Five Practices of Highly Resilient People,” and the pair exchange accolades on their insights and the value of the discussion on the “Schmidt List” podcast.

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