Join us on this enlightening episode of the Schmidt List Podcast, where host Kurt Schmidt engages in an engaging conversation with Tricia Dege, a leadership development expert and coach. This episode is a must-watch for professional women, mainly working mothers, seeking effective personal and professional growth strategies.

🔹 What’s Covered:
– Tricia Dege shares her journey from being a chief financial officer in healthcare to discovering her passion for leadership development.
– Insights into working moms’ unique challenges and how leadership coaching can help.
– The benefits of the cohort model in leadership training and its impact on professional growth.
– Practical tips on managing work-life balance, reducing workplace stress, and navigating career advancement as a working mother.
– Strategies for businesses to support the career development of working moms and promote female leadership.
– Discussion on combating imposter syndrome and building confidence among professional women.

🔹 Key Highlights:
– Discover how leadership development can transform your career and personal life.
– Learn about the importance of community and coaching for professional women.
– Understand the real meaning of workplace flexibility and how it can be effectively implemented.
– Gain insights on the importance of having allies and mentors in career advancement.
– Explore practical steps working mothers can take to balance their professional and personal responsibilities.

🔹 Who Should Watch:
– Working mothers looking for strategies to juggle career and family.
– HR professionals and business leaders want to understand how to support female employees better.
– Women in leadership roles seeking community and validation.
– Anyone interested in personal development, leadership coaching, and organizational culture.

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