Are you constantly looking for insights that can amplify your product management expertise? This latest episode of the Schmidt List podcast is a treasure trove of wisdom you won’t want to miss!

Host Kurt Schmidt sits down with the exceptionally talented Jason Scherschigt, the head of product at Solution Design Group, for a profound conversation about the ever-evolving world of product management.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll uncover in this episode:

🤔 Brian Chesky’s Fusion: Product management, including product marketing—is it a shift to be concerned about? Jason sheds light on why every cog in the organization machine – from developers to designers – needs to champion product management.

🚀 “PUSH ME” to Success: Jason unveils his acronym-driven approach to product management. Get ready to redefine how you identify user problems, hypothesize solutions, measure impact, and empower your team.

🌐 Beyond Tech Startups: Discover how iconic brands like Fender hit all the right notes with their digital strategies, proving the expansive reach of product management principles.

👥 Communication & Empathy: Jason and Kurt underscore the non-negotiable skills every product manager should master and why human connection trumps AI in decision-making.

📘 Must-Have Resources: Gear up as Jason recommends a lineup of resources and thought leaders, including Marty Kagan and Teresa Torres, to propel your product management knowledge.

💡 Non-digital Innovations: Explore the vibrant landscape where traditional meets digital through inventive product management, from IoT-connected pianos to customized manufacturing.

🎓 Mentorship & Growth: Learn about the importance of community, sharing ideas, and why seeking mentorship can lead to product management excellence.

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