Are you ready to redefine your understanding of leadership? Take advantage of this week’s thrilling episode of the Schmidt List podcast, featuring a profound conversation with the insightful Tom Priebe.

👔 Episode Highlight: Transitioning from Doer to Leader
Many professionals excel at their craft, but when promoted, they struggle to shift from hands-on tasks to leading a team. Tune in as Tom candidly discusses this transition and offers strategies to thrive in a leadership role without losing touch with your roots in operations and R&D.

💡 Learning from Setbacks
Perfection is not synonymous with leadership – embracing imperfections and viewing mistakes as stepping stones is crucial. Discover how Tom’s philosophy on “making new mistakes” shapes his approach to leadership and mentoring.

🎙️Straight From the Experts
Kurt Schmidt and special guest Tom Priebe exchange personal stories that will inspire you to consider how your past experiences can fuel your growth as a modern leader who serves, directs, and empowers your team toward success.

🚀 Cultivating Future Leaders
How do you spot leadership potential? How do you nurture it? What qualities should you cultivate within yourself to stand out? Find out as Tom shares the essence of “fire in the belly” and how to identify and harness this in potential leaders, including those fresh from school.

🗣️ Communication is Key
Tom delves into the art of communication for leaders—why overwhelming your team with data is a no-go and how to keep messaging relevant, engaging, and varied.

✨ Unconventional Wisdom: Being Human
Leadership isn’t about unattainable perfection but vulnerability, responsibility, and learning. Hear Tom’s journey of resilience and self-worth, his tales of overcoming being bullied, and how these life lessons became his leadership strengths.

🎯 Leading with Intention
Keep meetings impactful, align large groups effectively, and set clear expectations. Kurt and Tom discuss practical tips on how to make every session count, focusing on steering clear of inefficiency and staying goal-oriented.

💌 Want to Join the Conversation?
Tom Priebe is available on LinkedIn for more insights and knowledge sharing. We encourage our Schmidt List community to connect with him and continue the dialogue on leadership.