In our latest Schmidt List podcast episode, our host, Kurt Schmidt, welcomed financial advisor Brent Voeller to discuss the power of networking and share valuable insights for anyone navigating the job market or looking to create meaningful connections in their industry.

Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

  1. Networking Mindset: Brent emphasizes the importance of genuine interest in others—rather than viewing networking as a transactional process, approach it as an opportunity to connect, learn, and potentially contribute to someone else’s journey.
  2. Active Networking: They discussed the misconception that networking is only for those in career transitions. In reality, staying engaged and nurturing professional relationships can benefit individuals, whether employed or seeking new opportunities.
  3. Leveraging LinkedIn: Brent and Kurt highlighted the significance of using LinkedIn strategically to participate in conversations, align with industry values, and increase visibility within specific professional circles.

Kurt and Brent also touched on the benefits of actively engaging with your network during the holiday season and dispelled the myth of hiring pauses. Additionally, they shared practical tips for carving out dedicated networking time and finding conversations that resonate with your professional interests.

If you’d like to hear more insights from Brent Voeller and gain valuable networking tips, I encourage you to listen to the full episode of the Schmidt List podcast.

For more about Brent Voeller and to connect with him on LinkedIn, follow this link to his profile.

We hope you find this episode valuable and gain actionable tips as you continue to cultivate your professional network.

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