User Experience

Jackie Colburn joins me to discuss all things Design Sprints! Check out the work we do at Foundry at

What should you know before you start a career in UX/UI design? What will help you in your career as a designer?

“I can give you the greatest strategy you\’ve ever seen. I can put the right tools in place. I can design the best possible process at the end of the day… there\’s people engaged in that and if your organization is full of conflict, lack of alignment, poor communication, talent gaps, etcetera. None of that other stuff matters.”

For nearly a decade, Tim Hamm from Hamm Interactive has been hiring UX professionals and he joins us to discuss what designers and researchers need to know in order to find and land that dream job. Linkedin – Website –

“You have to be really sold on this thing you\’re going to do because it\’s going to take every bit of grit and chutzpah you\’ve got and you cannot look for tremendous amounts of outside reassurance all the time. So it\’s going to be really really need to know that you want to do this.”