Do you sometimes struggle to get through the workday? Everything about your job may seem a chore when you\’re feeling run down and weary. It doesn\’t have to be that way. In this video, […]

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Kelsey Joson and I are going to talk about the future of home healthcare and how it will change how we live. Check out for more show info Want to learn more

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“When you take a look at what COVID has cost this country, we had to shut down our economy. We have businesses that are now out of business. We have people that got sick that didn\’t need to get sick because we didn\’t have PPE and people that died that didn\’t need to die because we didn\’t have PPE. Hospitals lost millions, people were laid off, unemployment is through the roof. All because hospitals couldn\’t deal with the influx of COVID and supply chain was caught off-guard. So hospitals are going to have to change the way they do things now in order to avoid this ever happening again.”

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Pat Keran, Vice President of Product and Innovation at UnitedHealthcare joins us to talk about how to make innovative products and initiatives work inside of a large organization.

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