Have you ever thought about writing a book? If not, maybe you should. It just might be the best thing you do for your career. I\’m not just saying that because I\’m a writer. […]

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“Where can they participate in the sharing economy? So the one asset that people of color 18 and 24 have is their creative capacity? Right? It\’s just like go do something cool. Go create a video that\’s super cool go write something go whatever and it\’s like they have an endless abundance of content they can create and we\’re saying yeah and create that and then we want to be able to pay you for it.”

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“The question is so much more now. Why do you want to do something? Then how do you get it to do it?

And when you get into that higher-level where you\’re going to standing on the shoulders of technical giants in terms of your not starting at this bare-metal level of I need to build something that has never been done before?

In microcosm the experience in the empathy that you can bring to the users and the stakeholders. Becomes so much more important than the raw technical acumen.”

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“If you look on Indeed right now and you just search the term user experience, you\’ll find 178,000 job descriptions that have the word user experience within it. And what that means to me is that we are a new horizontal.”

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Today, Corey Stern a Senior User Experience Designer at The Nerdery joins me to talk about how to mix UX and agile, the state of design education and what to look for in a

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