In a compelling episode of Schmidt List, host Kurt Schmidt converses with Sally Zimney, an acclaimed speaker and coach. 

Sally imparts her wisdom on the significance of internal authenticity in public speaking and how it trumps mere performance. She champions the concept of a signature talk, advising individuals to concentrate on a topic they are passionate about to solidify their authority and brand.

Kurt shares his transformation and echoes Sally’s sentiments on the personal journey involved in becoming an effective public speaker. They touch upon Sally’s book, “Speaking Story,” which explores speaking as a mechanism for persuasion and leadership.

Addressing common fears, Sally and Kurt discuss overcoming the reluctance to stand out and utilizing public speaking to enhance one’s professional influence. They stress the role of speaking engagements in expanding one’s business network, generating new clients, and building a persuasive market presence.

The episode also covers strategies for becoming a thought leader, incorporating personal stories with professional expertise to resonate deeply with audiences. Both guest and host exchange gratitude for their shared insights, leaving listeners with actionable advice for using public speaking to drive business growth and establish oneself as a trusted industry voice.

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