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Get ready to hear from Mike as he spills the beans on his 27 years in the security industry. He’ll delve into the disruptive trends like cloud-based architectures and generative AI that are shaking things up. And guess what? He’ll also shed some light on why it’s crucial for organizations to embrace change and put customers first.

But that’s not all! Mike will tackle the tricky balance between productivity and security, stressing the importance of planning and collaboration to fuel fast-paced innovation. We’ll also dive into the challenges of disruption and the necessity of a customer-centric approach.

And oh boy, we’ll explore the wild world of AI in marketing and the need for solid policies to protect intellectual property. Plus, we’ll dig into the ethical implications of using AI in writing, including potential biases and confabulations.

But fear not, dear listener! We’ll also get personal as we uncover Mike’s writing process, how he finds balance in work and life, and the oh-so-common writer’s block. He even has some sweet inspiration and advice from Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ to share.

So, if you’re hungry for transparency, accountability, and a dash of mindfulness when it comes to AI in writing, you’ve come to the right place. You can take advantage of this outstanding transcript filled with wisdom and creativity.

And hey, when you’re done, make sure to check out Mike’s books and get even more great insights! I’ve included all the juicy details at the end of this transcript.

 Action Items:
  • Embrace cloud-centric practices and prioritize cloud applications.
  • Invest in education and understanding of generative AI.
  • Prioritize customer-centric approaches to drive market disruption.
  • Ensure trust is maintained with customers through proactive security measures.
  • Focus on upfront planning and collaboration to balance productivity and security.
  • Establish clear guidelines and guardrails for development teams to ensure a safe and proactive approach to innovation.
  • Adapt processes and approaches to customers to drive disruption and innovation.
  • Simplify complex processes in highly regulated industries to improve customer experience.
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