Ready to step up your leadership game during turbulent times?

Join me and Brad Koehn, as we delve into how to lead different teams through disruption. We’ll share the tips and tactics that help you come out on top, no matter what chaos surrounds you.

So tune in for a lively discussion that will spark your creativity and give you the skills to know what to do when leading during disruptive times!

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Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • Prioritize self-care and set boundaries to avoid burnout.
  • Regularly check in with employees to understand their concerns and provide support.
  • Evaluate the ethical implications of hiring decisions and communicate transparently with employees about potential risks.
  • Develop effective communication strategies to disseminate information to teams, even when facing constraints imposed by upper management.
  • Stay informed about economic trends and make informed decisions to navigate uncertainty.
  • Ask questions about transparency and strategic objectives
  • Balance personal and team interests
  • Avoid scapegoating and blaming employees
  • Handle emotions and ego needs with grace
  • Seek resources for improving leadership skills
  • Develop EQ skills through coaching or mentoring.
  • Seek resources like the book ‘Emotional Agility’ by Susan David.
  • Understand and manage the emotional context in leadership.
  • Network and talk to others in similar situations for support and advice.
  • Consider formal coaching engagements for more effective change.