Attention entrepreneurs!

If you’re struggling to get your startup off the ground, don’t worry. In episode 224 of Schmidt List, BJ, and Kurt discuss how to secure funding for your startup. They’ll share tips for team-building, making quick pivots, and bootstrapping. Learn what investors are looking for and the benefits of having strategic investors.

Plus, gain valuable insights about resilience and self-care on your entrepreneurial journey. Don’t miss out! 

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Key Takeaways:
  • Consider reaching out to family and friends for initial funding
  • Focus on building a solid team that can adapt to changes
  • Explore bootstrapping options and keeping costs low
  • Refine and simplify the business concept to attract investors
  • Develop a clear and consistent pitch to explain the business
  • Simplify your business concept to its atomic base.
  • Focus on selling one specific thing effectively.
  • Create a concise pitch deck with key elements: mission, product, market, competition, and ask.
  • Engage investors by using the pitch deck as a tool.
  • Build confidence in your ability to execute faster and better than potential competitors.
  • Leverage existing customers as potential investors
  • Attend events and join incubators to expand the venture network
  • Consider the strategic nature of investments
  • Build relationships with mentors and industry experts
  • Research and identify potential strategic investors