The old style of management doesn\’t work anymore. It\’s time to evolve the way we think about leadership. The leaders who will be most successful can link ongoing management with enthusiasm about embracing disruption and leading by example. Embracing the new leadership style in 2021 will require you to become more collaborative, transparent, innovative, and agile than ever before.

Leading yourself, your team, and your organization will need a new definition. The successful leaders of the future will focus on managing by enabling others to act. They\’ll be more focused on responding than directing because they\’ll realize it\’s not about them – it\’s about what their people can do together that matters most.

Creativity is the new currency, and collaboration is a new competition. Moving forward, leadership will be about nurturing a culture of collaboration in your organization that fosters innovation.

In 2021, people will come to work not just because they have to but because they want to. They\’ll feel like their ideas matter and are being heard. They\’ll take ownership over their projects and feel comfortable letting go of the outcome. They\’ll work together to figure out solutions rather than throwing up their hands in frustration at others\’ mistakes.

As a leader, your role will be as a coach, connector, and convener of teams working on breakthrough ideas.

The keys to making this new style of leadership work for you include:

Engaging people through your actions, not just your words

Creating the right team environments and processes to support creative teams who want to collaborate

Balancing the old-school leadership of direction with new school coaching and facilitation of ideas from your team members.

In 2021, future leaders will need to be motivated by new concepts and innovation. The leaders who will be most successful can link ongoing management with enthusiasm to embrace disruption. It\’s time to evolve how we think that will set successful leaders apart from the pack in 2021.

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