This past summer I was invited to contribute to an article for Minnesota Business Magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

“What I learned from my father was that if you wanted to truly grow as a human, you couldn’t do so by staying in the same place and surrounding yourself with the same people. 

What I have experienced in my professional career are some companies and organizations that are more comfortable staying in the same place. Why? Because diversity takes effort, and companies are afraid that making this effort could fail. If they try to build the diverse workforce they hope for and get caught failing, they assume the fallout will be worse than if they hadn’t tried as hard in the first place. They do not seem to grasp the true benefits of a diverse team. If you neglect the opportunity that diversity brings to your business now, then it will be much more difficult moving forward.”

Read the rest of the article here: https://www.minnesotabusiness.com/civil-discourse